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Anti-Bite hubs

The use of an aluminum cassette body can have a major disadvantage: After a while the cassette can 'eat' itself a way into your cassette body, creating damage and unwanted space between the cassette and the body. Removing the cassette will become a terrible job. Especially when you use a lot of power (read 'passion'!)  during cycling, this can happen quite quickly.

Divine has thought about this and uses a special patented Anti-Bite system to prevent this from happening.

On the anti-bite cassette body we use for our hubs, three stainless steel hardened strips have been positioned. These strips are lightweight and harder than aluminum. They absorb the impact of each cycling movement, leaving the body intact. The cassette will always be easy to remove.

In addition to the patented system to protect the cassette body, a patented 6-pin system is also used on the inside of the body. This 6-pin system makes sure no energy is wasted when you are ready to step on the gas and increases the effectiveness and lifespan of the body.


Carbon Road Bike Wheel Close-up Rim | Divine Cycling

Improved brake surface

During (long) braking, the temperature of the brake surface/rim increases. During a long or steep descent, the temperature can rise to a height which can be harmful for the rim.

Divine rims are more resistant to a higher temperature than other carbon rims. The maximum temperature the rim can tolerate is 260 ºC: This is 40 ºC more than standard carbon rims.


Carbon Road Bike Wheel Close-up | Divine Cycling

Longer active braking time

Continuous braking during a descent is not beneficial for any wheel set. The brake surface/rim can become too hot and this can result in a blowout or deformation of the rim. The best technique is to brake for a short period of time, let go of your brakes, then brake again and repeat this.

Carbon rims are known for their lower ability to get rid of access heat, their ability to do this is lower than that of aluminum rims. However, this is no problem for Divine rims!

Divine rims have an improved brake surface and can withstand temperatures up to 260 ºC. This makes it possible to brake up to 10 times with a maximum of 80 seconds at a time, without causing overheating or damage to the rim. This is a braking time which is 2.5 times longer than standard and makes your descents a lot safer!


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Higher maximum tire pressure

Most (carbon) rims are limited to a tire pressure of 8 bar. However, the tire pressure may increase due to an increased temperature during prolonged braking. As a result, the 8 bar can be exceeded without notice when the tire is inflated at or around this maximum pressure. Excessive tire pressure results in expansion of the rim edge, with possible damage to the rim.

Divine rims have an increased maximum tire pressure of 11 bar. This means you do not have to worry about excessive/harmful tire pressure that quickly.


Carbon Rim Brake Pads | Divine Cycling

Brake pads included

We understand that you want to go for a ride as soon as possible. This is why Divine wheel sets are delivered with special brake pads for a carbon brake surface.


Special logo's

Divine standard wheel sets are available with black or white logos. The logos on our wheelsets are not stickers, but are baked on the carbon. This makes sure their appearance will remain beautiful under all weather conditions.