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Below you can find a short introduction of Divine Cycling.

BE Divine

We’re there for every cyclist who’s looking for an affordable high-end carbon wheelset for his/her road bike or mountainbike, or for those of you who are looking for a road bike or MTB frame of superior quality.

Divine Cycling: Created by cyclists, for cyclists

Behind the Divine Cycling brand is a team of bicycle enthousiasts who not only love cycling, but also love high-end bikes and equipment.

All our knowledge isn’t gathered by reading a book. It’s gained by years of experience and an above average interest in everything related to cycling. Because of this, our team is capable to compose wheelsets, frames and ready-to-use bikes which not only look great, but are also reliable because of their high quality.

Our goal is to share our passion with other cyclists and make high-end accessible for everyone. If it’s up to us, quality doesn’t have to be overpriced!

Delivering the best service to our customers is our top priority. When you choose for Divine, you can expect to get the advise and support you need. Divine is also there after your purchase whenever you have questions or comments.

Not just wheels

Divine carbon wheels are not just wheels. We only settle for the best specifications. All wheels we sell are made with care and from UD-carbon. Custom wheelsets are no problem, contact us and we can discuss all the options.


  • Divine is always looking for what’s new on the market. This is why we sell our wheels with a special patented Anti-Bite freehub body. The aluminium body contains three stainless steel strips which absorb all the impact. This feature will protect your cassette body; it will never be stuck on your freehub body again.
  • In addition to the patented system to protect the casette body, a patented 6-pin system is also used on the inside of the body. This increases the effectiveness and lifespan of the body.
  • Divine road bike rims are resistant to a higher temperature than other carbon rims. The maximum temperature that our rims can tolerate is 260 ºC: This is 40 ºC more than standard carbon rims. This makes it possible to brake up to 10 times with a maximum of 80 seconds at a time, without causing overheating or damage to the rim.
  • Divine road bike rims have an increased maximum tire pressure of 11 bar. This means you never have to worry about a tire pressure which might be too high.

Divine Cycling is always willing to sponsor small cycling teams. Do not hesitate to contact us and tell us how you want to promote our brand!

2 Years warranty
We are convinced of the quality of our products. Divine Cycling doesn’t sell anything we wouldn’t buy ourselves. Less than perfect is never good enough. That’s why we offer 2 years warranty on our products.

Always feel free to contact us in case you have any questions